Flaming Pipes Hot Sauce: Habenero Based:
Flamin pipes hot sauce is an awesomely tasty, sweet, fruity, yet super-HOT sauce.  I love the orange color and my sauce is thicker than a lot of other hot sauces on the market.  Also, I use NO cornstarch or other thickeners in my flamin hot sauce.We like to mix it with melted butter and toss with wings.  We took a jar up North at New years and I made some BBQ Chicken bites with my Flamin sauce. Addictingly good!!! I hope you enjoy but watch out, you might need to have an icy beer, or other cold drink handy!!!!!!!!

Smoking Pipes Hot Sauce: Jalapeno Pepper Based:
Smokin pipes hot sauce is a medium-hot green hot sauce.  It is a tangy, spicy, sauce that goes well with mexican dishes, eggs, pork and more.  I tend to use the smokin sauce a little more liberally  because its heat sneaks up behind you and waits awhile before it Screams in your mouth!! Margaritas anyone???

Working with Habenero Peppers requires precautions... Seriously check me out with my bandana so I don't choke on the wicked pepper steam! :)

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