There are several things at pickle chick we take seriously.  The best quality, the freshest product grown by me or sought after, and the fact that when you eat my product it transports you back to a time before the fast food movement hit our society.  Don't get me wrong , I love me some fast food, but I crave the days when the wonderful FOOD was so fresh and delicious. Like grandma made (mine specifically) or a grandma you WISH you had!

I've always loved pickles. Crunchy, fresh pickles, not those FLOPPY gross yellow green pickles sitting for God knows how long. So when my husband and I were overrun with hundreds of little cucumbers in our garden about 10 years ago, I thought hmmmm, why not make my own pickles?? Through trial and error and tweaking my recipe, I came up with what we think is the best, freshest tasting crispy pickle!

Pickle chick evolved out of necessity and my love of food. After I made a few batches of pickles that were eaten up by my friends and neighbors I made a large batch to take to my family reunion. My  Great Uncle Louis (he so was) loved them so much he went around to everyone and made them eat my pickles saying "these are pickles made like the old days!"  We had an after party at our home and the crowd ate more pickles and the best thing happened… My cousins girlfriend said goodbye and when we thought they left, she darts to our back yard with a ziploc bag, went to the pickle jar and scooped up the rest!  I'm stealing your pickles she screamed and ran! That was my first pickle theft! But not my last!!!

It has been 10 years and after umpteen strangers, friends and relatives have been prompting me to sell these pickles I am poised and ready to take this leap.  I pledge to you my friends I don't know yet that ALL of my products are made with all my heart and soul and I hope you all will be there to help me along this new journey I am embarking upon.

There are more stories to come so please stay tuned and watch picklechick evolve.


Julie Morse
Pickle Chick

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