Welcome to Pickle Chick


A little about our Pickles:

Oh, pickles, we love you so.

Here’s what Pickle Chick means to us: the best quality, the freshest product grown by us or sought after, and the fact that when you eat our products, it transports you back to a time when food was always made fresh.

We’ve been making tasty treats for 10+ years. Pickle Chick pickles are kosher dills, meaning garlic, made entirely by hand. They’re very crunchy-fresh.


A little about our Hot Sauce:

1. Spicy Jalapeño Hot Sauce
2. Sweet Tropical Habenero
3. Smokey Red Chile

Pickle Chick Jalapeño hot sauce is my oldest original recipe. Peppers grow very well in my garden so I developed this hot sauce years ago to use them up.  It’s a best seller and It’s a mild to medium spice level.

The Sweet tropical habanero hot sauce came next. The fresh pineapple and other tropical fruits play well with the fruitiness of the habanero peppers. It’s the hottest of the hot sauces we sell currently.

Our Smoky Red Chile hot sauce is the newest addition to the Pickle-Chick family. We smoke Red Chiles and sweet onions over mesquite chips. Combined with our other quality ingredients it adds a delicious smoky and medium spicy flavor to any dish.


Pickle List – 16 oz Jars
Garlic Dill $7.00
Spicy Dill $7.00
Mustard/Horseradish-Sweet $8.00
Hot Sauce List – 5 oz Bottles
Spicey Jalepeño $6.00
Sweet Tropical Habanero $6.00
Smoky/Smokey Red Chile $7.00


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Shipping Available – $10.00 MI and Midwest

Flat-rate shipping is now available- to East or West Coast – $15.00

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*within 20 miles of our Waterford, MI headquarters