About Pickle Chick

Here’s what Pickle Chick means to us: the best quality, the freshest product grown by me or sought after.  Every cucumber and pepper for my pickles and hot sauce is hand-selected, hand-sliced, and hand-packed. I use only the highest quality ingredients possible.

I’ve always loved pickles. Crunchy, fresh pickles, not those FLOPPY gross yellow-green pickles sitting around forever. So when my husband and I were overrun with hundreds of tiny cucumbers in our garden 10+ years ago, I thought, hmmm, why not make my own pickles?  

Through trial and error and tweaking my recipe, I came up with what we believe is the best, freshest tasting crispy pickle!

Pickle Chick evolved out of necessity and my love of food. I made a few batches of pickles, and my friends and neighbors ate them up quickly.  One time I made a large batch to take to a family reunion. My great-uncle Louis  loved them so much he went around made everyone eat my pickles, saying, “these are pickles made like the old days!” 

Another time we had people over, and everyone was scarfing down my pickles. Later on, a friend said goodbye, and we thought she left, but she darts back with a ziplock bag, went to the last pickle jar, and scooped up the rest! “I’m stealing your pickles, “she screamed and ran.  That was my first pickle theft, but not my last.

Here’s hoping my products make you want to rave about them too.




The Pickle Chick

Waterford, MI