Hot Sauce

Pickle Chick Hot Sauce

Spicy Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Pickle Chick Jalapeño hot sauce is my oldest original recipe. Peppers grow very well in my garden, so I developed this hot sauce years ago to use them up.  It’s a best-seller, and it’s a mild to medium spice level.

Our sauce is thicker than many other on the market, but we don’t use ANY cornstarch or other thickeners. And it’s a pretty orange color.

We like to mix it with melted butter and toss it with wings.  Addictingly good!  We hope you enjoy but watch out; you might need to have an icy beer or other cold drink handy. 🙂

Sweet Tropical Habenero

The Sweet tropical habanero hot sauce came next. The fresh pineapple and other tropical fruits play well with the fruitiness of the habanero peppers. It’s the hottest of the hot sauces we currently sell.

Smoky Red Chile

Our Smoky Red Chile hot sauce is the newest addition to the Pickle Chick family. We smoke Red Chiles and sweet onions over mesquite chips. Combined with our other quality ingredients, it adds a delicious smoky and medium spicy flavor to any dish.


Hot Sauce List – 5 oz Bottles
Jalepeño $6.00
Habanero $6.00
Smoky/Smokey Red $7.00